Pester Power Items : 5 Pieces Gallary

16 August 2013 - 15 September 2013: Eckehard Fuchs - Pester Power Items

Mit neuen Arbeiten aus Mergozzo, Italien

You cannot pass by, without observe it - behind the virtual presentation there are hidden real pictures, a personal view of the landscape and culture of Lake Maggiore in Italy. The artist´s work is a direct result of the influence of what he had seen in this area. From holy places, through the mountains to the lakeside – from abandoned buildings, through the woods to “Sacromonte”. 

Glowing colors are mixed up with lines on wood and report the memories of the places he had been. On the shelf the works are presented like postcards, that with their dazzling colors induce the observer to watch and touch them. Or they can look like covers of magazines, with the local news section. A virtual wall, that bear real desires – just like the „Pester Power Items“ in the world of consume.